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African Grey Health

African Grey Health 1
An annual checkup with the vet is important
to ensure the health of your African Grey

The health of your African Grey Parrot is obviously of paramount importance to everyone in the "flock". As owners, we must be in tune with our African Greys and aware of how they act on a day-to-day basis so we know when things aren't normal. In this section, you will find information and guidelines on things to look for that show your African Grey is healthy and signs of a potential / possible illness in your African Grey. You will also learn how to put together an emergency kit for your bird, and potential household hazards and toxins for your African Grey Parrot.

In the wild, the instinct of a African Grey and other birds is to hide their illness so they appear healthy to predators and their flock. A predator will attack a sick or injured African Grey and the other birds in their flock might drive away a sick African Grey to avoid spreading an illness to the rest of the flock. This natural instinct is still present in our domestic birds and they will often hide symptoms of disease / illness until they are seriously ill. It is up to us to be observant and attentive to our African Grey Parrots so we know when something doesn't seem "quite right".

If there is any question, don't wait, contact your avian veterinarian. You know your African Grey better than anyone and know what is normal for your own bird. Don't ever hesitate to call your avian veterinarian if in doubt about your African Grey's health.

Note: As an African Grey owner, your African Grey Parrot should be taken to an avian veterinarian for a "well bird check-up" when you first get your new addition to the family, and every year for a routine check-up. This helps to ensure that you not only have a healthy African Grey but your Grey is established with an avian veterinarian before you have an emergency. Your vet will already have a chart of your African Grey and thus will be more prepared to evaluate the situation.