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Budgerigars are primarily vegetarians, although they often eat insects in the wild. In captivity, there are many ways to provide a budgerigar with a balanced diet. To be extra safe, however, you should always keep a mineral block in your budgie’s cage. It will make up for anything that his regular diet may be lacking.

  • Vegetables - Budgies enjoy a wide range of different vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, squashes, yams, turnips, zucchinis, tomatoes, cauliflowers and romaine lettuce.
  • Grains - In the wild, budgerigars thrive off of grass seeds. In captivity, grains like couscous, barley, flax, oats, quinoa, wholegrain pastas, whole rice, wild rice and millet are all excellent options.
  • Legumes and Nuts - From time to time, you should provide your budgie with fresh nuts and legumes. Options include pinto beans, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and almonds.
  • Hazardous Foods - You should never give your budgie any of the following foods: lima bean or navy bean sprouts, cabbage, lemons, potatoes, grapefruits, plums, rhubarb, onions, chocolate, garlic or any type of food that contains lactose.


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