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  • Hand Taming – Before anything else can be accomplished, your budgie has to be comfortable with your hand. The worst thing you can do is shove your hand into his cage. You shouldn’t just reach in and grab him either. The first step is to put your hand in his cage without getting it near him (Teitler 46). This allows him to get used to its presence. Over several sessions, gradually move your hand closer and closer to your budgie. After a while, he will be used to it.  
  • Teaching a Budgie to Jump onto Your Finger – This is a neat trick, and the best way to accomplish it is by offering treats. Use millet to encourage your budgie to jump onto your finger. Place your finger against the base of his chest, and use your other hand to offer him the treat. When he jumps on your finger, allow him to enjoy the millet. Eventually, he’ll know to jump right onto your finger when you place it against his chest.
  • Whistlng – This is a precursor to mimicking actual words. Start with two or three simple whistles in a row. Many times, birds get the hang of it and are then able to whistle more complex tunes.  
  • Mimicking – Although people often brag about teaching their budgerigars how to speak, the truth is that budgies simply mimic human speech. That doesn’t make it any less impressive, though. Repetition is the only way to go (Feyerabend 40). Choose a simple word or phrase like “pretty boy” and repeat it as often as possible. Eventually, he might surprise you and say it back to you.