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Healthy Signs of an African Grey


African Grey Healthy Signs
A healthy bird is a happy bird.

A healthy bird is a happy bird. They are active, playful and keep us laughing with their antics and talking. As bird owners, what more could we ask for? We enjoy our African Grey companions and want them to have a long and happy life.

Below are some guidelines on what to look for as signs that your African Grey Parrot is healthy and happy.

Activity Level - African Greys have a pretty consistent activity level on a daily basis. There tend to be times during the day for playing, talking, napping, and affection.

Appearance –

  • Clear eyes
  • Nares (nostrils) clean
  • Standing erect on perch
  • Feathers are in order
  • Respiration is smooth and even
  • Feet are smooth and soft, not flaking
  • Droppings ("poop") are moist, and consist of dark green or brownish fecal matter with white or off-white urine. Note: African Grey Parrot people do spend a lot of time looking and talking about their bird's "poop" as this is a good health indicator! Also, keep in mind that the color can change due to what your African Grey has eaten that day.