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Before You Buy Your Budgie

Never buy a budgie or any other pet for that matter, on impulse. Find out all the information you will beed before you buy your budgie. There are many reasons why buying a budgie on an impulse  will not be the most adequate way of going about it.

Those reasons are:

  • Lack of knowledge about Budgies
  • Lack of appropriate living habitat for your budgie
  • Inability to distinguish a healthy budgie from a sick budgie.

Research! Research! Research!Q

Lack of knowledge about budgies will only bring issues when taking one home for the first time. Budgies can be low-maintenance birds but do require a lot of patience, time, and affection. We would extremely recommend you do your research before you purchase or re-home your new budgie. This will save you a lot of trouble. 

Best Budgie Habitat

Be prepared with the appropriate living habitat. We typically recommend that you purchase a cage that will have enough room for multiple pairs of budgies, even if you just plan for a single one.

You definitely wan’t to supply your budgies with enough toys to keep them well active. They need foraging toys, swings are also very fun for your budgies.

Once you have all of the above sorted out, you may now select your pet budgie.

Where to buy?

It is advisable to visit various pet stores or breeders, before you contemplate on purchasing any budgie. There are certain things you must look for in the pet store or breeder.

These are as follows:

  • Are the budgies well cared for?
  • Are they being provided with the essentials like food and water?
  • Is the store or aviary clean and sanitary?
  • Is the store owner, employees, or breeder fully knowledgeable of the budgies they care for?

You’ll be surprised that most owners and employees are not fully knowledgeable of the pets that they sell. This usually happens at the larger popular franchised pet stores. We wont mention any names, but you can guess who they are..

Selecting a Healthy Budgie 

Choosing a budgie should be given time and thought. Don’t just go for the best looking or most colorful budgie. By observing and paying close attention to the available budgies you can tell which are healthy and which might not be healthy.

What you want to look for on a healthy budgie is:

  • A healthy budgie will be extremely active. They will be making a lot of noise and jumping from perch to perch
  • Budgies should have good coloration of feathers. Avoid budgies with any bald spots.
  • Avoid budgies that seem lethargic. Budgies that are on the cage floor or on a perch with ruffled feathers might be sick. Observe them if they hardly move, then its best to avoid them. But always let someone know that those birds are in need of good care and need to be quarantined to regain their health.
  • Check the eyes, feet, and skin. The eyes should not be puffy. They must be bright and clean. Make sure that the feet are free of deformities, and the skin should be clean of any mites.
  • Last but not least, make sure that the feathers near the vent (butt) are clean and free of fesses.