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Household Hazards / Toxins for your African Grey


As African Grey owners we need to be aware of hazards and toxins in our homes. Just as with a childyou need to "bird-proof" the house and always know where your parrot is. We as owners have the responsibility to make sure our Greys are safe and not exposed to harmful chemicals and items that could potentially be dangerous for them.

Remember how the miners would take a canary down in the mines with them to check and see if the air was safe and free from poisonous gas? The canary would keel over in a matter of minutes if the air was toxic. Birds in general have the most efficient respiratory system in the animal world. Amazingly, they can efficiently remove oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream. Because of this efficiency and their small size, birds are more sensitive to airborne toxins.

Below are potential household dangers for African Greys and birds in general.